Saturday, December 25, 2010

entry bebeh

hey guy! long time no see.. haha.. okay i'm still not in the mood to blogging rite now, cause i have no idea what am i going to write in here. Since being here, in Unisel so many things just happen around me,

na.. nothing bored me, cause i have my friends, my "HOT" roomate in the house, hee.. she meeyra che aziz, she is cool beb, lovely girls, hee.. not only that okay guys, jeely a.k.a yana, and my chubby and COMEL friend, she is reen! hahah

they complete my life in unisel, i guess so. hahha.. they are happy woman okay, no more girls. hahaha hey come on la, starting next year we are going to be woman, or other that " lady like" gitu hahahha..

P/S: sorry guys, aku xtaw apa yg aku merapu kat sini, SWEAR! xtaw nk cakp mnde haha, anyways thanks for them sbb accept NAJAT SI KURUS! :)