Saturday, July 18, 2009

Love in my thought

Love is blind,Love is eyed,Love is sweet,Love is bitter,Love is care,Love is hesitation,Love is bare,Love is dare,Love is peace,Love is violent,Love is clear,Love is dirty,Love is prominent,Love is contaminate,Love is heaven,Love is hell,Love is crashing,Love is sticky,Love is critical,Love is mythological,Love is brittle,Love is malleable,Love is capable,Love is stressful,Love is innocent,Love is violent,Love is best,Love is worst,Love is nothing,But love is everything,Love is god,Love is devil,Love is evil,Love is shining sun,Love is blinking moon,Love is beautiful earth,Love is the worst larva of earth,Love is hurting,Love is paining,But love is lovable and love is pain clear,Love is like this,Love is like thatLove is too much,I can not describe,Look in side dear reader,You will find love everywhere hidden but prominent when looks closer,Love is not enough to understand but its For me is love,I love the love and love does not love mep.s. Its my thought about love.i don't know what you think.....sorry if my words are hurting....