Saturday, July 18, 2009

He Screamed Those Words

Maybe next time you'll listen

he snarled
but my words are never good enough
for you are they girl?
Perhaps you needed to learn this
lesson the hard way
just like every other time
you give too much trust too much
but you should know how I love
to tell you I told you so
and every time you ignore my advice
you are going to hear it girl
That's right...time and time again
If you hate my existence that much
you are going to have a long and
sorry life dearhearing
me repeat those words
I told you so....
Like a symphony to my ears
I told you so...
Do you like hearing it girl?
Listen again
I told you so!
That's right, cover your ears!
just try to drown me out
Throw the pillows over your head
if it helps he cackled
you can hear me still
inside your stupid head
stupid girl
I told you so.