Sunday, July 5, 2009

if i am hurt, u dont ever know what is that,u does even care about me,always i am first to care about u,ask u couple questions, u just still like that, i have change my attitude to u,i take an advantages to make u smile,i try all it out, u want me to understand u, ur situasions, ur feelings, ur tired, yes i do understand, i always told myself all that, i just asking, can't u differentiate it?
u want me to be with u, u said u love me, yes u do, but why dont u appreciate my hardwork on u?
i always persuade my heart to not cry because something that u make, i try to be happy while it is not too happy, i try to be cheerful person as i can,i try so hard, i just love u, and i know its to hard for me to forgive what u have done, but i still forgive u, cause i do love u dear,, i do my dear, but can u please make me feel better beside u? can u please make me being so special even it is for a while,just for a moment, u care about me, ask me a question why do i not messaging u all the day,. can't u?

as i said, i love u, i miss u, even we not contact each other rite now, i hope u understand it why this all happen to me, i hope u ask me why?
trully telling: najat