Saturday, June 27, 2009

waiting for u since last nite but this mornink all things that we plan not going happen why?

semalam bkn main lg ckp yes i will do it for u, n u already promise me that way,
i am happy to hear all that, since i wake up i am waiting for u,
i never text u in d mornink, but today i am sending u a text n make it sure,
then u say 'ok coz i already been outside of my house n i am with my friends'
then i text him back ok dear.. i am waiting for u, i want to see ur face,
next he text me again, 'when i reach it, i will text u',
during the time waiting for him around an hour, i get a message,
i know it is from him,yes,, that is true from him,but it is not what i am being waiting for,
it is totally opposite with my thougth,totally different!! ah shit,damn it!
he said that 'i am sorry dear, i can make it for u, my friends now is sick,we need to see him'
then i text him back,'o',he said 'sorry,it is unexpected case', sigh,, why should be like this?
why dear? i am waiting for this moment long time u know that rite?
ah craps, but it is ok then,, i need to be in positive side,, never mind, juz relax
now juz waiting for him text me a mesaage dats all,, why should be upset,
i am not going to argue with him because it sound does not make a sense and
it also does not make all thing become peace, isn't?

come on baby just chill out ok? dont think about it..
u can do something else dear..