Saturday, June 27, 2009

i am sorry

hahaha,,,kelakar la doe aku rasa arini...hahhaha,,,,1st ly aku nk mnx maap sgt kat did sbb ceroboh msuk dyer nyer cmmnt board n marr nyer board..really r...i have no intentions to do that.. i juz wondering...what can make did happy n become more cheerful..i am noticed that is true did is happy because of marr, n i glad for u did, but for ur information i want u to be happy n please dont cry anymore,i dont want u to be hurt n suffer, u r my good friends dear,thats why i need u to be happy,, if i already make a mistake since we are being friends,i am sorry, i realize that i already make u hurt, for u marr please dont hurt n make her suffer, she was a nice n funny gurl, please dont messed up all that, if not i will lost my beautiful friends.


bodid blog's said...

najat kau baca komen aku? grrrrr