Monday, February 28, 2011

they are my happy buddy

they are my happiness when i'm going down, they like gossiping, whatever they saw something was weird they like to talk, they like to laugh too, when they are eating so much, they said that was an influence that i give to them, i'm just laughing, because it is not my fault actually, but the way they put the blame on me is so funny, hehe you kno how? "Najat ini semua salah kau! Kau mempengaruhi kitorang makan tengah-tengah malam, sebab kau lapar kitorang pun jadi lapar tau!"

but it seems that all of this going to over right away, because this is my last semester to have fun with them, just left two more week only, then we will not meet again.

p/s: guys! if we meet again, i'm sure that we will laugh and laugh again. All of you is going to be my best friends. i love you guy and i will miss you a lot.* sigh why am i crying over this thing.. ="."=


my sweet azza said...

terharu aku baca..
i'm hapy that i have friend like YOU... :)

najat said...

wahahha! yeker aza??? orite!

FrOgGie gEnerAtioNs said...

waa..ak tersenarai kot..hehe
najat,im glad u are my friend and nice to know u well=)

najat said...

hahahha!!! mestilah kau da tlg aku kot syg kau!