Sunday, June 28, 2009

last nite story:

so last nite, well it is happen not to gud, but i need to control my mind, don't be to pessimist or sensitive eventhough emotional, it is not good for me n my relationship rite now, well i need to cheerful to make him happy, i luve him n i know he luve me,, last nite he not in the mud coz i make him like that, always ask him the same question "u luve me not?"," am i in ur heart?"

he always ask me," why? don't u believe me? i already told u, i always told that, why u still ask that question? u seem like u dont believe anything from me," then i said " i juz want to know, "
he said "maybe we need to be separate for a while, either i telling u that i luve u,really i luve u, u dont ever blieve isn't? then mybe this is the best way for us."
oh God, what the heck is going on between me and him? ah shit, i am the one who make this thing happen, " please dont make me like that, i dont want to apart from u, i want u to be with me, okay, i will change my attitude, i will be like the older me, i dont know why i become like this, i am sorry, i already hurt ur heart, i luve u dear, really do," then he said" erm. okay then but make sure that is not going to be happen again, yes i do luve u syg but sometimes i need to be alone, i want u to understand that,will u?" ahh..yes, thank God, he accept my fogiveness,, then i said to him" oh, okay then i will make sure that, i hope u will enjoy it, eventhough i am hurt when heard that,but it is ok,"

then all things become okay n gud, thanks to u, u accept my apologize, thanks honey,

yes i do luve u

truly telling: najat