Friday, August 14, 2015


hi, harini aku ada rasa pelik and tak tahu macam mana nak describe, but for sure it is so hard to keep endure this kind of feelings.

makin lama kita hidup makin banyak benda kita akan tempuh, makin lama kita kenal orang tu makin banyak benda baru yang kita tahu pasal sekeliling kita.

Allah is the Greatest, HE knows everything, we can`t hide anything, even if the problem is just small more than a molecule. HE knows that too.

I just can`t figure it out, how to be more and more positive person try to endure and keep the problem in my head and my heart. Keep it smiling and make a joke with friend as always.

But, the feeling still coming through. Ya Allah, perhaps all of this maybe a way for me to sit down and look back as the reference for the future.

Ya Allah, please help me, please help to me to be strong to go through your every single day. Amin Ya Rabbal A`alamin.